Now this was an adventure!!!!

Life being the unpredictable thing that it is I was late in grooming the dogs, knowing I had a show that night (2.5 hours away) and 3 shows the following weekend I decided to risk missing the Friday night show in favour of showing on Saturday/Sunday with well groomed dogs.
I was still 20 minutes away when I got the message “4 breeds to papillons” I knew I could relax then as I wouldn’t make the show. The trip improved greatly 😛

Miraculously I got a parking spot right by the correct door to our ring, I grabbed my grooming back, Kyo’s crate and ran to the ring. Low and behold papillons weren’t on yet! I had just enough time to grab my other dogs from the car and we were in the ring :O
Caesar won his class, Kyo won his class, then the dog Challenge! Vilka & Flicka won their classes then Kyo was back in the ring for Best of Breed! He was now on 95 points.

It was a great win, made all the better by the lack of warm up & grooming before he went in the ring.

Papunique Man on a Mission Best of Breed

Papunique Man on a Mission Best of Breed

Best of Breed 12 points

Eaglehawk Kennel Club inc.

Judge: Mrs Shelly Bateup (Vic)