I arranged with my friend Kate (Friend & future owner of either Merlin or Bane) to have a papillon grooming & photoshoot day at her place.

Excited by the prospect of spending the day playing with the paps & the amazing photos I would have to show off my puppies growth by that evening I packed the car – shampoo x 2, conditioner, brushes, dryer, crate, camera…what am I forgetting? Oh yes the dogs! Shadow, Arya, Erik & Dior in you hope and off we go!

The rain begins…

Kate’s grooming salon is undercover but outside, we spent the afternoon washing dogs, wrangling children & “rescuing” Arya underfoot from the guinea pig pens. Once everyone was clean and dry we headed inside for some soup. It was then that we decided photographing wonderfully clean dry dogs in the pouring rain might not be the best of ideas.

We did however get some lovely photos…just not of the dogs standing still.
It was a lot of fun, first Erik, then Shadow on the table, then Erik again since that’s where the cheese is and he sure wasn’t going to let his sister up there having all of that cheese on her own that’s for sure! Besides look at how awesome I look! Even Old Man Dior took his turn trying to steal the limelight from Shadow!