Melbourne Australia

Judging The Butterfly Dog

  Popular with both conformation and performance enthusiasts, the Papillon is athletic in a ballet dancer sort of way. An interesting read by Joanne (Jan) Paulk, details the papillon wonderfully.

Fixing a Wavy Coat Video.

Recently found this video on facebook, thought it was very interesting. Here is the link to youtube    

Thought I would share.

Today on facebook I stumbled upon this article which basically reiterates a what I’ve been saying since first deciding to get into dogs. While we may not concider ourselves as breeding ‘pets’ lets face it, not every dog is cut out for the…

Merlin – Best Baby in Specialty Show NSW!

Huge contractulations to Sharon & Donna for their win over at the Papillon Club of NSW inc. club show over the weekend! It was little Merlin’s first time in the ring and her showed like a star beating 9 other baby puppies!

Arya – Bitch Challenge – Sept 2014

Kalkite Phalena Freida

Big congrats to Arya for her first CC!!! I’m in Germany atm and honestly have no idea what show’s Kerri had them entered in 😛

Shadow – Bitch Challenge – Sept 2014

My beautiful baby Shadow took out four of the five bitch challenges over the weekend!

Arya – Baby Puppy in Show! May 2014

Arya is such a little star! After a long hard 3 day journey to Queensland, staying all the way in strange houses then camping for three days she showed like a pro in all 5 shows, even taking out Baby Puppy in Show…

Shadow – Best of Breed x 3 + Bitch CC – May 2014

So impressed with my baby over the Lockyer Valley Kennel Club show weekend. Dispite an exhausting 3 day drive, spending the night in a strange house and THEN her first 3 day camping trip at a dog show my Shadow really came out…

Grooming & Photoshoot!

I arranged with my friend Kate (Friend & future owner of either Merlin or Bane) to have a papillon grooming & photoshoot day at her place. Excited by the prospect of spending the day playing with the paps & the amazing photos I…

The first awkward blog post.

Firstly, let me begin by explaining one simple fact about myself – it took me 3 attempts to recall how to spell ‘awkward’…then I googled it to be sure. What I’m trying to say is I’m new to blogs, new to writing interesting…